The Hunt

blood between my fingers
the eyes of the prey, closing in death
the sisters moons taking the colors
May 2020

I managed to write so much! New stories. “From the Halls to the Wilderness”, “Jealousy”. “Teasing” and “Only for One’s Eyes” – they explore various ships and storylines, please check!

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May 2020

So, my mind is storming. I am cooking up few stories and this is gonna be a blast to create.

*on the hunt for best plot*

I also am trying to resurrect my old fic about skekMal. SOON.

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May 2020

I wrote many poems dedicated to skekMal and the Hunt!

You can read them in the poems area :>

I feel inspired lately, hopefully that continues

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May 2020

Yuss, after hard writer block, I managed to finish the fifth and last chapter of Questions of Matter. It can be found under the stories section.

Also, I return to write ficlets for friends: skekMal/Ariya fic for Randy and skekSic/Bijou for Mellow.

Stay tuned!

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Apr 2020

Rana was eyeing the sails as the ship was heeling forth, the winds were especially good, and the weather perfect for a night shift. Her hair was fluttering in front of her face as she smiled.

More, HERE :>

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Apr 2020

He ran, like a wind, like a strong gust of fresh air dancing between the trees, sweeping away the leaves, and kicking the soil with his claws. The forest was catching him in its embrace and welcoming him as its ruler, the only one who really owned it.


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Apr 2020

Gie: I can easily tag along.
skekMal: REALLY. HEH.
Gie: You are my master for three Unum. I can do it.
skekMal: *sprints fast, leaving Gie alone in the forest*
Gie: Yes, Three Unum. I will need a thousand.

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Apr 2020

Gie: What is that *holds a piece of unknown meat in her hands* 

skekMal: A gelfling. 

Gie: What?? Hunter— 

skekMal: *rolling his eyes* Don’t be a childling, meat is a meat and it’s not a gelfling, so you can eat it. 

Gie: *getting angry* You really think I will try something that I don’t know what is? 

skekMal: Yes. And you WILL eat it. 

Gie: *just let the meat fall off her hands and land on the grass* 

skekMal: Heh. You still eat it and what a pity that now it’s all coated in mud 

Gie: How you force me to eat meat that falls on the ground, hmm? I just won’t. 

skekMal: You just don’t get anything to fill your stomach. And believe me, you WILL eat it and you will like it. 

Gie: You are—- 

skekMal: You can hunt your own prey. Then, I will be even proud of you. 

Gie: I just started my training! 

skekMal: *grinning awfully* That’s why you will eat that meat.

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Apr 2020

Tossed in my poetry dedicated to the Hunter and the Hunt.

They sometimes are rather surreal, but hoping you like them heh.

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Apr 2020

Oohkay. I added the two fics I have on my Dark Crystal fansite – soon I will add more fiction and the little ficlets about skeksis.

You can read the fics under STORIES section :>

I will try to fill other sections asap!

Expect frequent updates :>

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