The Hunt

blood between my fingers
the eyes of the prey, closing in death
the sisters moons taking the colors

Gie was laying in the furs that skekMal made as her bedding, pressed with her body tightly to Hunter’s back, when she heard the noise, very slight one, coming from the darkness of the forest in front of the clearing. Her hand grasped at his flank, she still was unused to all what was happening in the Dark Forest at night. Perhaps she should, after learning so much from the Hunter. But night for her still wasn’t the same as night for him. It still held mystery and glistening eyes, even if she didn’t see any now.

“skekMal…” she whispered cautiously. She patted his hip strong enough to wake him up, as he slept very shallowly.


‘skekMal, I hear something” she sat, not allowing the furs to fall from her naked body.

The skeksis hunter slowly opened his eyelids and narrowed his brows.


“I hear that there is SOMETHING.”

skekMal looked in the direction she pointed, then laid back and closed his eyes again.

“Nothing is there. Go to sleep.”

“I heard something, Hunter” she insisted. “YOU should hear it even better.”

skekMal chuckled.

“And you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“You are toying with me, for your amusement and you DO hear.”

“Yes. I am a bad boy. Now go to sleep, tomorrow we go to train in the caves of Grot and this will be an exhausting endeavor.”

“Oh really”? the slight anger started to bubble in her.

“Yes. If you don’t want me to show you how suddenly awaken skeksis reacts on those who awakened him, better not touch me—” she knew he jokes but retracted her hand as fast as she could – “… close eyes and do one of the best things that one can do at night.”

She scoffed.

“I could really suspect you wouldn’t take for serious anything I would say, yes?”

“No. I take seriously everything you say that is RIGHT and TRUE. I never deny your right, if you have one. You woke me up for nothing. A hunter, yes, you as well, need sleep for good performance. I am alert on every danger that is around. If it was something dangerous, I would be first on my feet. My blade is always ready.”

She felt as his talon lift slightly the furs and covers her, realizing that the hides slid a bit from her breasts, exposing her a little. She huffed. He knew perfectly how she looks naked and more, but now, for him seeing her like that only added to this silly situation.

“You really like that, don’t you?”

“Yes. I like everything that involves naked gelfling. Sleep. Tomorrow we have a busy day, even before the suns rise.”

She wanted to say something, anything, but she knew that now he won’t respond. He made his point. That how he worked. She wanted to yell at him and tell him that he is atrocious, but she knew that he won’t listen to that too.

Sighing in distraught, she carefully lifted the furs even higher under her chin – she won’t let him have his satisfaction – and closed her eyes, trying to not listen to that awful rummaging in the forest, which the Hunter decided to ignore.

He had possibly right. He still knew better, he was more experienced. He was proud because of this experience, and she loved that in him. She loved his confidence, strength, and that he was as reliable as the sister moons appearing every night.

But sometimes, no, very often, she would love to swat him hard in the forehead, pull his tail and prove she has more right than he ever thought. And after that, allow him to do anything he wants, as she proved her point.

//   Article written by skekMal  //