The Hunt

blood between my fingers
the eyes of the prey, closing in death
the sisters moons taking the colors
Oct 2020

skekMal seemed to drift into some unknown mental place, where he maybe hunted his imaginary prey, the same way he pursued real one. His eyes were closed and his tail was slowly swaying with calm content. She could only guess about what he could think.

New story, Stars, is available to read! Enjoy :>

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Sep 2020

I present you one more gelf/skek story – the one I write for my friend Randy, featuring her gelfling OC, Ariya.

See it in the stories section – if you like skekMal/gelf, you will love it!

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Aug 2020

Long time it was!

I had some health problems, but managed to produce new stuff, none the less.

New stories: “Weightlesness”, “The Thrill of Challenge” and “Token For the Dead”. Also, new poem, “Living” :>


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Jul 2020

At last, new stories :>

This time I bring you two tales about Gie and skekMal: Token and Noises. More ficlets, but I loved writing them and I hope you like them too!

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Jul 2020

She inhaled the air, fast, raggedy. Her feet burned with sharp stinging pain, she was sure that they are peeling off the skin. She gazed at them, suspecting to see the open wound, but the only thing she saw, with pure confusion, were cleaned cuts and some strange pulp spread on her skin around the crackings. They weren’t that wide, even, as she suspected.

Next two chapters of Stonewood Princess and the Hunter. I love how the slow burn develops :> I soon shall have more!

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May 2020

I managed to write so much! New stories. “From the Halls to the Wilderness”, “Jealousy”. “Teasing” and “Only for One’s Eyes” – they explore various ships and storylines, please check!

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May 2020

Yuss, after hard writer block, I managed to finish the fifth and last chapter of Questions of Matter. It can be found under the stories section.

Also, I return to write ficlets for friends: skekMal/Ariya fic for Randy and skekSic/Bijou for Mellow.

Stay tuned!

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Apr 2020

Rana was eyeing the sails as the ship was heeling forth, the winds were especially good, and the weather perfect for a night shift. Her hair was fluttering in front of her face as she smiled.

More, HERE :>

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Apr 2020

He ran, like a wind, like a strong gust of fresh air dancing between the trees, sweeping away the leaves, and kicking the soil with his claws. The forest was catching him in its embrace and welcoming him as its ruler, the only one who really owned it.


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Apr 2020

Oohkay. I added the two fics I have on my Dark Crystal fansite – soon I will add more fiction and the little ficlets about skeksis.

You can read the fics under STORIES section :>

I will try to fill other sections asap!

Expect frequent updates :>

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