The Hunt

blood between my fingers
the eyes of the prey, closing in death
the sisters moons taking the colors
Jul 2020

Gie: Master, I don’t feel my legs anymore. Can we stop for a moment?

skekMal: No.

Gie: I really don’t feel my legs.

skekMal: Then stop *still goes on*

Gie: *shouting after him* But you are leaving me here?

skekMal: My legs are still fine.

Gie: But I just can’t stay alone!

skekMal: *stopping* You agreed on training. Either you stop and take care of yourself. Or you go with me and your legs with get used to it.

Gie: This is crazy.

skekMal: No. This is life.

Gie: *gathering strength* You knew I will go, hmm?

skekMal: No.

Gie: Then, you would really leave me here.

skekMal: Asking too many questions, gelfling.

Gie: …

skekMal: It’s hard living here. If you stay back and stop, you will be hunted. The only way is to always go forth.

Gie: Good. But you will carry me if I fall.

skekMal: Of course. If you fall.

Gie: *surprised* Really?

skekMal: Asking too many questions, remember?

Gie: *smiles lightly*

skekMal: We need to gather strength. Four more hours to our point of destiny.

Gie: What??? *resigned* Uh…

//   Article written by skekMal  //