the hunt
 The Hunt 
blood between my fingers
the eyes of the prey, closing in death
the sisters moons taking the colors
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July 25, 2020  skekMal No comments goofs

Gie: Master, I don’t feel my legs anymore. Can we stop for a moment?

skekMal: No.

Gie: I really don’t feel my legs.

skekMal: Then stop *still goes on*

Gie: *shouting after him* But you are leaving me here?

skekMal: My legs are still fine.

Gie: But I just can’t stay alone!

skekMal: *stopping* You agreed on training. Either you stop and take care of yourself. Or you go with me and your legs with get used to it.

Gie: This is crazy.

skekMal: No. This is life.

Gie: *gathering strength* You knew I will go, hmm?

skekMal: No.

Gie: Then, you would really leave me here.

skekMal: Asking too many questions, gelfling.

Gie: …

skekMal: It’s hard living here. If you stay back and stop, you will be hunted. The only way is to always go forth.

Gie: Good. But you will carry me if I fall.

skekMal: Of course. If you fall.

Gie: *surprised* Really?

skekMal: Asking too many questions, remember?

Gie: *smiles lightly*

skekMal: We need to gather strength. Four more hours to our point of destiny.

Gie: What??? *resigned* Uh…

July 22, 2020  skekMal No comments stories

At last, new stories :>

This time I bring you two tales about Gie and skekMal: Token and Noises. More ficlets, but I loved writing them and I hope you like them too!

July 06, 2020  skekMal No comments stories

She inhaled the air, fast, raggedy. Her feet burned with sharp stinging pain, she was sure that they are peeling off the skin. She gazed at them, suspecting to see the open wound, but the only thing she saw, with pure confusion, were cleaned cuts and some strange pulp spread on her skin around the crackings. They weren’t that wide, even, as she suspected.

Next two chapters of Stonewood Princess and the Hunter. I love how the slow burn develops :> I soon shall have more!

June 17, 2020  skekMal No comments art

This time this beautiful hunting picture was drawn for me by LuMosido – the Hunter and his gelfling caught the track and won’t rest until find their prey!

May 27, 2020  skekMal No comments art


Noone catches the beauty of gelfling like MellowRaptorArt (Gelfling-Oona on twitter). I’ve got these wonderful sketches haha, I am spazzy.

May 16, 2020  skekMal No comments stories

I managed to write so much! New stories. “From the Halls to the Wilderness”, “Jealousy”. “Teasing” and “Only for One’s Eyes” – they explore various ships and storylines, please check!

May 06, 2020  skekMal No comments sitely

So, my mind is storming. I am cooking up few stories and this is gonna be a blast to create.

*on the hunt for best plot*

I also am trying to resurrect my old fic about skekMal. SOON.

May 04, 2020  skekMal No comments poetry

I wrote many poems dedicated to skekMal and the Hunt!

You can read them in the poems area :>

I feel inspired lately, hopefully that continues

May 03, 2020  skekMal No comments stories

Yuss, after hard writer block, I managed to finish the fifth and last chapter of Questions of Matter. It can be found under the stories section.

Also, I return to write ficlets for friends: skekMal/Ariya fic for Randy and skekSic/Bijou for Mellow.

Stay tuned!

April 25, 2020  skekMal No comments stories

Rana was eyeing the sails as the ship was heeling forth, the winds were especially good, and the weather perfect for a night shift. Her hair was fluttering in front of her face as she smiled.

More, HERE :>

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